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Mirza Beig

Technical Experience

Current Languages: C/C++, C#, CG/HLSL
Previous Languages: ActionScript 3.0, Python, GLSL

Current Software & Tools: Unity, Photoshop, After Effects, Blender (VFX)
Previous Software & Tools: OpenGL, Ogre3D, FMOD, Winsock

Platforms: Desktop (Windows/PC, Mac), Mobile (Android, iOS)
Additional: Visual Studio, Sony Vegas, FL Studio, 3D/Spatialized Sound, Steam Audio, Compute Shaders

Relevant Work Experience

UAS Publisher
Mirza Beig

December 2014 – Present

Developing high-quality tools, plugins, libraries, and packages related to visual effects for the Unity game engine on their asset store as one of the top publishers. I also work on programming and technical art instruction in my spare time, which I release as written and video tutorials on my website and social media.


Graduate TA
University of Ontario Institute of Technology (UOIT)

September 2015 – April 2017

TA for the following courses and level:

> Game Design (3rd Year)
— Teaching programming (C#) and design using the Unity game engine. Also working on my masters in computer science related to sound and serious gaming.

> Distributed Systems and Networking (3rd Year)
— Reviewing/grading and teaching networking using C++ and the Unity game engine (custom networking plugins).

> Game Engine Design and Implementation (3rd Year)
— Teaching the Unity game engine along with using/creating custom C++ DLL plugins and editor extensions.

> Human-Computer Interaction [HCI] (4th Year)
— Helping students work with external haptic/neural/biofeedback/sensor devices and integrating them with the Unity game engine.

Game Developer / Programmer
Holland Bloorview Kids Rehabilitation Hospital

February 2015 – December 2015

Programming and designing interactive applications (serious games, simulators) to aid in physical therapy for patients utilizing a range of motion sensors and biofeedback devices such as the Microsoft Kinect, Leap Motion, Novint Falcon, etc. on multiple platforms.

Strong focus on music therapy and experimental gameplay patterns with additional roles involving music composition, production, and asset prototyping.

EIT Summer Student / Programmer
Sunnybrook Health Sciences Centre (OBL)

June 2014 – August 2014

Worked as a summer student through the Educational Information Technology (EIT) awards program presented by the University of Toronto on a next-generation virtual training simulator for spine surgery. Utilizing Python with the open-source visualization and image analysis program 3D Slicer, my responsibilities included integrating Leap Motion controls into the software module.

Web & Social Media Content Developer
University of Ontario Institute of Technology

May 2013 – May 2014

Worked on art, music, videos, and social media content development for Human-Computer Interaction (HCI) research, as well as promotional FBIT program videography.

Physiological Programming Assistant
University of Ontario Institute of Technology

May 2012 – August 2012

Developed tools and drivers (C/C++, OpenGL) for biofeedback devices along with their implementation in games and misc. software demos for research and entertainment.


University of Ontario Institute of Technology (2015 – 2018):
MSc in Computer Science

University of Ontario Institute of Technology (2010 – 2014):
B. IT in Game Development & Entrepreneurship

Major Projects (Selections)

Skyworld* (Unity)
3D First-Person Action-Adventure

January 2016 – Present


More to come soon.

Retroid 3D (Unity, Leap Motion)
3D Twitch Gameplay Musical Shooter

February – March 2014

Winner of the Technological Innovation Award at Level Up Toronto 2014 and several awards at UOIT’s GameCon. Gameplay and pace is automated by any user-selectable audio track that changes the speed of your ship, environmental obstacle generation, and aesthetics of the world. The game can be played with the Leap Motion controller using hand gestures, or with keyboard and mouse controls.

Clan Combat (Unity)
3D Multiplayer Action-Versus

September 2013 – March 2014

Winner of the Best Programming Award from UbisoftMTL in the Academia competition. Up to 6-member cooperative and competitive online/offline multiplayer. Choose from three different classes to fight over the resources and take control of the map. Created the SFX, VFX, and music as the audio technician. Made by a team of 8 students total.

Antimatter (C++, OpenGL, FMOD, CG)
2D/3D Custom Game Engine

December 2011 – October 2012

A game engine made by myself utilized in several of my own personal projects as well as professionally for work. Featuring a 2D/3D renderer, input manager, built-in and custom shader utilization, full-screen effects, a robust sound system with additional tools for rhythm and beat detection, particle systems, 2D/3D physics, font loading, networking and more.

Werebear & Werebear 2 (C++, OpenGL, FMOD)
3D Third-Person Shooter/Platformer

September 2011 – April 2012

Worked primarily on the development of the renderer, sound system, particle system, animation system, and associated shaders (CG, GLSL) with one other team member. Awarded multiple awards, including Best in Show, at UOIT’s GameCon.

*references available on request.