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Here you’ll find a collection of both video and written tutorials for Unity.

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1. Logo Dissolve with Particles

Vaporize any image with a burst of colourful particles.

2. Rewinding Particle Systems

Play particle effects in reverse with some custom scripting.

3. Logo Reveal with Particles

Reveal any image from a disintegrated swarm of colourful particles.

4. Stylized Particle Galaxy

Create a beautiful animated galaxy in Unity without any scripting or plugins!

5. 3D Skybox

Coming soon…

Render an animated skybox using a second camera.

6. 3D Uniform Particle Grid

Coming soon…

Create a configurable grid of particles with a simple script.

7. Intro to Custom Particle Vertex Streams

Coming soon…

Learn to setup a particle shader that can process additional data streams.

8. GPU Particle Animation w/ Simplex Noise

Coming soon…

Animate particles based on their world space position using simplex noise.

9. GPU Particle Force Field

Coming soon…

Offset particles using a configurable spherical displacement affector.

10. Multiple GPU Particle Force Fields

Coming soon…

Offset particles using a dynamic array of spherical displacement affectors.

11. Creepy Particle Tentacles

Coming soon…

These spooky tentacles will move to caress any game object.

12. Realistic Rain

Coming soon…

Create realistic rain that follows the camera & interacts with the environment.

13. Rainy Lens

Coming soon…

Simulate raindrops on a camera lens using off-screen particles.

14. Particle-Based Planar Intersection 

Coming soon…

Use particles to intensify & highlight planar-geometry intersections.

15. Neon Drain

Coming soon…

Recreate the “Neon Drain” effect from Infamous: Second Son.

16. ?????

Coming soon…

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